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Jayson Williams Hospitalized, "Suicidal"

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Yes, it's the Jayson Williams you're thinking of. The former New Jersey Net was arrested and hospitalized this morning after tearing up a hotel room and acting "violent" and "suicidal." So he's not doing well?


Police were called to a Manhattan hotel at 4:00 a.m. after Williams trashed his room and then barricaded himself inside. Officers then used "an electrical device" to subdue the perp (i.e., they tazed him, bro) and hauled him off St. Vincent's Hospital for a psychological evaluation.

Oh and here's a fun fact that you may have forgotten about—Williams never actually served time for accidentally shooting his limo driver and then trying to cover up it. Neat, huh? (He still faces a re-trial on manslaughter and the obstruction charges, but the shooting took place over seven years ago. So no rush!) You would think that not going to prison even though you killed a guy would leave a man pretty chipper, but I guess the heart works in mysterious ways.