Jean Strahan Is Gettin Paid

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If Michael Strahan wants to lose the gap-toothed look he should probably go to the dentist now while he's still insured. Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports(!) has shed some light on the financial terms of the Strahan's highly publicized divorce.

Michael got taken to the cleaners to the tune of $15.3 million in the divorce (New York Daily News headline: "Wife: 15,000,000, Strahan: 0"). He also had to vacate the couple's 1906 Montclair, N.J. mansion, the one with the 22,000-square feet, 12 bedrooms, seven baths and a garage big enough for 20 cars.

And then there is the nearly $18,000 per month in child support, which will go on long after Strahan, 35, can no longer earn NFL millions. He also was ordered to pay $311,000 in back child support. Plus he owes 91 percent of his kids' private school tuition, payments that won't end until they get out of college in about 2026.

The ruling was even more than Jean actually sought for the less than six years of marriage. The judge wound up giving up more than half of Michael's estimated $22 million of net worth.

Daaaaamn! I hope Mike has a pretty good financial planner because his ass could go broke at this rate. Does Dancing With the Stars pay above scale?

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