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Fight On, Dear Old Muncie: Jeff George is just what your basketball team needs to succeed. You know where this is headed. [Bleacher Report]

That's A Paddlin': Only Red Sox fans would breathlessly cover a charity ping pong battle featuring one of their players. Well, unless you include fans of Chinese baseball teams. [Sox & Dawgs]


Trust No One: I suppose it's only natural now to be suspicious of all baseball players' training habits, but Jayson Werth? Really? [The Rookies]

Jeff Reed Update: Jeff Reed: Guilty...of bad taste! No, seriously, he pled guilty. [Mondesi's House]

Well, Where Is He?: It's NFL Combine time...time for the hype machine to kick into gear. [Luke Kohler]

Don't Get Any Ideas, Rays: English soccer team can't make payroll, sends youth team out to play with predictable results. [Unprofessional Foul]

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