Jeff Jagodzinski Reportedly Signs His Own Death Certificate

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According to the New York Post, Boston College will follow through with its promise to fire coach Jeff Jagodzinski if he interviewed with the Jets. He "He's done," said a BC source.

The Boston papers seem to think BC AD Gene DiFillipo will follow through with the firing too. Bob Ryan thinks the AD's commitment to his school is cute, but not practical:

I find it difficult to believe that Gene DeFilippo honestly believes Boston College is the kind of destination school that will hold a quality coach's interest for a long time. In football especially, a school such as BC must get lucky with the right guy (i.e. Jack Bicknell in the '80s, Tom O'Brien in the last decade), because BC is - and I'm sure Gene DeFilippo hates to hear this - a steppingstone school in both football and basketball.


Jagodzinksi is still considered a long shot to coach the Jets, but might be the team's best option considering all the ones they really covet seem thoroughly disinterested. And Jagodzinski loses his BC job and doesn't get the Jets job, he'll most likely land an assistant gig somewhere else in the NFL.

School should know pros and cons by now []