Jeff Monson Would Like To Engage You In Thoughtful Political Debate

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Jeff "The Snowman" Monson is the only Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt I know who also holds a Masters Degree in psychology. He's also an MMA fighter who has fought for Ultimate Fighting Championship titles on two occasions, and is really into politics. In fact, he took a little trip to Minneapolis-St. Paul for the Republican National Convention, where he engaged in peaceful discussion with a few of the area's police personnel. Key quote from someone who interviewed Monson afterwards: "I asked him if they hog tied him and he said no, that they would have had to taze him to do that." From Watch Kalib Run:

Jeff Monson said they were trying to blockade the republican delegates from getting in the convention. He was detained but not arrested. He takes this stuff very seriously, so as always I was making fun of him. He said a couple of the cops recognized him and they were just yelling for the most part to get back..."

In a recent interview, Monson describes himself as an anarchist, "someone who would like to do away with all class hierarchy in society and the institutions that promote this inequality." He has several anarchist symbols tattooed on his body and is a member of the Industrial Workers of the World, which is always a big hit at Republican conventions. Jeff, if you're out there, drop me a line, man. Let's talk. Jeff Monson Does Not Like Republicans [Watch Kalib Run]