It's Week 2 of our little podcasting venture, and we have a GUEST! A real, actual person who agreed to talk with us! Stunning.

This week, Jeff Pearlman joins me to talk about his new book (buy it here.) We talk about the steroid allegations Pearlman levies against Mike Piazza. We talk about Charles Haley's massive penis. We talk about Pearlman's last book, Boys Will Be Boys, and whether or not Michael Irvin deserved the kind of redemptive treatment Pearlman gave him at the end of the book. My argument was, there are only so many times you can stab a teammate in the fucking neck with scissors and give your wife HPV before you are beyond redemption. Pearlman doesn't quite agree. BECAUSE HE'S A CODDLER!


And in our second podcast, Leitch and I get into the games from last weekend and why they were such a big cocktease. We also talk about Jason Whitlock's intense dislike of Leitch, hipster wife beaters, why director's chairs are so horrible to sit in, and Daulerio's uncle, who is a toupee cobbler. True story. Be sure to drink every time Leitch stutters or I say the phrase "sort of". Your blood will turn into floor cleaner in no time!


I'm happy to report that we have improved sound for this week's Deadcast. You can hear us talk! Nice! It's better on the Pearlman segment than the Leitch segment, but we'll have Leitch loud and clear by next week's show, if it's the last fucking thing I ever do. AND we have a theme song, courtesy of the Spencer Hall Blues Explosion. Because dammit, that's what the 44th most popular podcast IN THE GODDAMN WORLD deserves.

Both podcasts are available for your listening pleasure right here. You can also find the Deadcast in the iTunes Music Store here. Special thanks to Liberated Syndication for hosting us, and to Jim Cooke for the bitchin' logo. Got an email you want read over the air? Send it to me here. Now sit back, relax, and listen to me bitch about people with walkie talkies.