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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

So since we've been in the Midwest this week, we've appreciated the primal pleasure of a good political attack ad. Most of the races in New York aren't close, so everyone's all nicey-nice in their ads. Not so in Missouri, where there's not only a brutal Senate battle between Jim Talent and Claire McCaskill, but also an Amendment about stem cell research on the ballot. We're not going to get into details, because politics gives us a headache, but the point is, Michael J. Fox, rather deep into his Parkinson's now, filmed an ad for McCaskill that has proven damaging, so Talent has enlisted, in response to Fox's ad ... some athletes to have his back.


We love when athletes get involved in politics, because it never seems like they quite understand what's going on, but this ad has the virtue of timing on its side: Its main speakers are Jesus Christ (well, Jim Caviezel, anyway) and Game 4 World Series starter Jeff Suppan. Of course, Mike Sweeney and Kurt Warner are in there too, and that can't help the cause much.

Anyway, see if you guess which are the athletes, and which are the actors.

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