If you're like me, 90% of the people you follow on Twitter are elite runners, most of whom are kind enough not to post anything halfway interesting. So you can imagine the delight when I fired up the old iPhone last night and saw the following at the top of my feed:

Now, my first thought was why Jeffrey Eggleston — US marathon champion, contender for the 2016 Olympic team, and, more importantly for these purposes, the guy who just came in seventh place in the Boston Marathon last week — was running the Pittsburgh Marathon on Sunday. But as it turns out, he's just watching it. Smart move on his part.

But there was a more critical question: will he really answer any question I might have? Because I often have some pretty insane questions rolling through my head.

Most people shy from these questions. As it turns out, though, he was telling the truth:

On banditing:


On drinking beer at water stops:

On whether he is more of a man than fellow Boston runner Nick Arciniaga:


On punting:

On the highly-questionable Dubai Marathon:


On the greatest relay event ever:

Thanks to Jeffrey for his insight and patience. And don't forget to check out this weekend's Pittsburgh Marathon.