Jeffrey Loria Is Having A Bad Day

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Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria has had better weeks. Just a few days after Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen reportedly turned down a larger offer from the Marlins to re-sign in Los Angeles, Loria’s personal cell phone number inadvertently made its way online when a business card he had once signed was put on eBay. So I gave him a call.

I wanted to ask him if he thought that Jansen and Aroldis Chapman turned down more money from the Marlins because major league players are (rightfully) distrustful of his organization. Here is a full, unedited transcript of our conversation:

Loria: What the fuck do you want?

Deadspin: Excuse me?

Loria: Who is this?

Deadspin: I’m a reporter from Deadspin.

Loria: I have nothing to say. [Hangs up]

I then texted him my question, just in case. As of press time he has not yet given me what the fuck I want.