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Jenny Hendrix Loves Jags, Anal

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The Jacksonville Jaguars have stormed into the playoffs with a bandwagon that has quickly filled near capacity. Well now they've got something even better going for them. When the Jags take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in the second game of today's wild card double header they'll have a porn star in their corner. Thanks to the indispensable Lion In Oil for relaying this story (via Walk Off Balk) about Jenny Hendrix, internet radio, and Jack Del Rio's hotel room habits...

Porn star Jenny Hendrix loves the Jacksonville Jaguars almost as much as having anal sex. Now, Hendrix is parlaying her interest in professional football into a new gig as a commentator on, an internet radio show.

Hendrix, star of "The Jenny Hendrix Anal Experience," says she hopes to use skills learned on the show to eventually get into sports broadcasting.

"No one else in the porn industry is doing this," she says. "There are a lot of girls in this industry who don't want to make a name for themselves."


Who are these porn stars that are trying to stay anonymous and what the fuck is wrong with them (you know, aside from the possible childhood molestation)? Of course the best part of the story isn't Jenny's love of the Jags (or her love of anal), it's that the feelings are reciprocated by Jags coach Jack Del Rio.

One person who already knows Hendrix' name is Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio, who called the show her first day on the job.

"He was familiar with my work," she says gleefully. "He says he saw it in a hotel."


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