If you thought Jeopardy! was going to just sit idly by and let the likes of Barry Bonds sully the good game of baseball and the legitimate heroics contained therein, you thought fucking wrong.

In a category called "Pop Quiz"—the gist being that the question is (or was) the father of the individual mentioned in the answer—Alex Trebek informed America that Jeopardy!, the producers of Jeopardy!, the companies who advertise on Jeopardy!, Merv Griffin and by extension, the entire Griffin family, believes Barry Bonds to be a fraud and should be denoted as such.

He fathered baseball star Barry Bonds, said Trebek, reading "star" where an asterisk appeared. He almost vocally italicized it, too.

Take whatever side you like on the Bonds debate—maybe he was the greatest player you ever saw and is misunderstood, or maybe he's the biggest jerk you ever met and deserves everything coming to him—I think we can all agree that Alex Trebek is a dirty Canadian. I hope at least Pat Sajak and the Wheel of Fortune crew has the decency to stick to game shows.


h/t Joe