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Jeremy Lin Is Now A Houston Rocket

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Twelve days ago, I wrote the following:

Jeremy Lin signed a four-year, $28.8-million offer sheet with the Houston Rockets tonight that serves little purpose beyond determining how much the Knicks will be paying him through the 2014-2015 season.


In the end, it certainly appears Lin's got at least three more years coming up* at Madison Square Garden.

*Actually, this is James Dolan we're talking about, so what the hell am I talking about? Even he could screw this up somehow (and probably will) As you were, people.


On that footnote, I'm really glad I decided to listen to my inner conscience, the one nagging me to at least recognize the remote yet all-too-real possibility that James Dolan, in his infinite stupidity, would fuck this whole thing up somehow. And now he has. And now I'm wondering if I ever want to root for this team again, or at least as long as Dolan is alive. I've never given up on a team, but I finally got back into the NBA this year after a five-ish-year hiatus and I feel like it was all for nothing. Sure, it was only a few weeks, but basketball hadn't been fun like that (for me) in over a decade. I don't even want to think about next season. The Knicks could win 60 games and shock the hell out of everyone, and it would all still fill hollow. Maybe I just really don't care anymore.

Either way, I hope Lin does well and continues to surprise us all. The fans of Houston deserve that much. Knicks fans, those that still care to put through such agony, will be watching from afar.

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