Last week, friend of the site Jeremy Roenick sent out an interesting tweet:

No, Roenick wasn't seeking counsel for a divorce. He just wanted to make sure everything's kosher before he beats the piss out of a Twitter troll.

This tweet came after chirping all day with @LaBlancaElGrand, an account bearing a picture of a bloodier JR from his playing days. The grand white's account is protected, so we can't see what undoubtedly brilliant things he said to get Roenick so mad. It did provoke these gems, though:



Having finally convinced his antagonist to fight him in person for charity, Roenick then explored the legality of beating someone up in Toronto:

There used to be a Storify embed here, but Storify doesn’t exist anymore :(


I'd say that's a pretty successful troll, who convinces an ex-NHLer to risk jail time to get revenge.

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