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Jeremy Shockey Doesn't Play Well With Others

The Saints and Texans, bitter rivals from centuries past, got into a little intersquad donnybrook yesterday and America's second-most beloved tight-end was somewhere in the middle of it. Shocking, right? (Get it? 'Cause that's his name.)

Are we being fair to Jeremy Shockey? Of course not. Houston's DeMeco Ryans was at least equally to blame (if not more so) for the altercation that began with a simple pass route, a grab of the jersey, a forearm to the head and all kinds of shoving. Plus, that was only the second fight of the day started by a Saints tight end. Buck Ortega started his own scrum against the Houston defense. Why so angry, America's tight ends?


One thing that everyone can agree on is that fighting in the preseason is a positive sign that demonstrates your team's determination to win ... or it's a horrible omen that exposes your team as wild and undisciplined. That's why we play the fake games!

Shockey at center of Saints-Texans brawl [WWLTV]

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