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Jeremy Shockey, Premature Joculator

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For anyone who missed the end of the Giants-Seahawks game yesterday, Giants kicker Jay Feely missed three field goals late to cost the team a victory. (Oh, as mentioned earlier: Daily News: "Sinking Feely." Post: "Feely The Pain.")

It was a crushing loss for the Giants, but one good — no, great — thing has come out of it: an animated GIF of Jeremy Shockey's premature celebration at the end of the fourth quarter, right before Feely missed his first kick (via The Best Sports Blog). It's really something that cannot be experienced a mere one time. Shockey is cocky ... brash ... elated ... hey, what's all the commotion over there? ... oh ... wha-wha-whaaaa?.


If there's any justice in the world, it'll become the Shockey's lasting, iconic image.

Jeremy Shockey s Mastercard Moment [The Best Sports Blog]

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