Jerks Dick Kid Out Of A PS4 Madden Game For Being A Lions Fan

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Everyone needs to shut up about the reversed pass interference call from last week's playoff game between the Cowboys and Lions, because the real travesty of the day occurred before the game even started.

A 10-year-old Lions fan named Roman went to Sunday's game in Dallas after his grandma surprised him with tickets. Roman and his family got to the stadium early in order to participate in some of the pregame festivities. One such festivity was a game of musical chairs, which you can see Roman winning in the video above.


But then, chicanery! Chicanery most foul! Upon realizing that Roman was wearing a Matthew Stafford jersey, the MC called for a re-do of the final round of musical chairs. Roman's adversary, a Cowboys fan, predictably won the re-do round, but the MC promised that both contestants would receive the grand prize: a PS4 copy of Madden.

But guess what Roman ended up getting? Some major bullshit, that's what! They gave the child the complete first season of the original Batman television show on DVD, and a fuuuuucking Led Zeppelin CD. The hell is a 10-year-old kid supposed to do with that shit? There is literally nothing in this world that a 10-year-old boy values more than video games. Giving one a dumb DVD and a crappy old rock CD as if those things are just as cool as a video game is like trying to tell an adult that a bag full of week-old dog shit is just as valuable as a brick of gold.


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