Jerry Buss Throws One Heck Of A Birthday Party

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Lakers owner Jerry Buss seems like a fun guy. He loves poker, has at least one DUI, and has no problems with his daughter posing in Playboy and dating a much older man. Also, he's a frequent brothel customer.

This morning, Jorge Sedano had on his show one Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlite BunnyRanch, the most well-known of Nevada's legal brothels. Hof, as I assume whoremongers are wont to do, eagerly spilled the beans on some of his more famous customers.


SportsByBrooks has the transcript:

Sedano: You said the owner of the Lakers has been there? Jerry Buss?

Hof: Yeah. Every year, the son, Johnny, and I have a joint birthday party every year. Every year. And we bring in a thousand of our closest friends and, uh, it's really a party. It's a great, great party. Next year, we'll get you and your lady out there.


Let's get this straight. Jerry Buss throws his son a birthday party at a brothel. Every year. And we wonder where Kobe Bryant/Ron Artest/Lamar Odom form their ideas about women.

And Johnny Buss once owned the LA Sparks, so I'm sure this news would have thrilled WNBA fans.

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