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Illustration for article titled Jerry Jones Clarifies His Social Moment, Explains That Bill Parcells Is, In Fact, Worth A Shit

Jerry Jones took the opportunity at a diabetes fundraiser yesterday to explain away his sodden musings on Bill Parcells, and somehow he came away sounding a lot sillier than he did last week during cocktail hour at Ocean Prime.


Among other things, Jones clarifies that saying someone is "not worth a shit" is actually employing a "caring term of endearment," which is probably why Hallmark has a whole line of "you're not worth a shit" cards. Here's Tim MacMahon of ESPNDallas:

"Bill, first of all, is a real friend of mine," Jones said Thursday evening at an American Diabetes Association fundraiser. "He is a great football coach. He probably has as good or better people skills than anybody I ever met. I have complete trust in him.

"The actual way I express myself is commonly known by my associates as a familiar, caring term of endearment, as you will. If I say to somebody that you're not worth a flip, then that means I think you're pretty good, certainly if I follow up with, I love you."


Certainly. But Jones isn't done:

"I certainly don't and wouldn't use four-letter words in anything that would be involved in the media or for people of all ages to hear," Jones said. "The other thing that I would be careful about is any wit or attempt at wit or humor or attempt at humor. But that's just not what you're thinking about when you're having a social moment."

Nor when you're having a few social moments too many. But Jerry has clearly learned his lesson, and I think we can all move on now that he's had his moment of regret or attempt at regret or contrition or attempt at contrition.

Jones cites 'term of endearment' [ESPN]

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