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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Dallas 38, Philadelphia 33: Peering down from the suite at the top of his shiny monument to excess, billionaire oil plutocrat Jerry Jones, insensitive to the fact that he might be on national television at that very moment, scratched his nuts, probably, or adjusted himself in some way. Awesome. Improbably, the frequent cuts to Jerry Jones remain the best part of most Cowboys games.


This one was, also improbably, pretty fun all around. After a slow start, the second half saw five touchdowns and little bit of drama, insofar as an Eagles game can produce drama these days. Nick Folk was good enough to provide solid drive-time radio fodder in Philly, and Tony Romo completed 22/27 passes with three touchdowns. Bryce Brown (169 yards, two TDs) was a pleasant surprise for the Eagles, and if it wasn't for a botched two-point conversion after the final Philadelphia touchdown, Dallas may have started to get a bit itchy. Then it would have had to take off its glasses and adjust itself awkwardly, for that is the Cowboy way.

Tony Romo has now thrown the most touchdowns in franchise history, passing Troy Aikman tonight with the 166th of his career.

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