That's according to USA Today, which estimated the cost of Sandusky's legal bills to be $200,000—so far. The newspaper talked to Sandusky's attorney, Lawyerin' Joe Amendola, in the days before a judge issued a gag order to silence all that lawyerin'. Here's Lawyerin' Joe giving us a glimpse of Sandusky's current financial plight:

Amendola said his client has "cashed out" his retirement account and is drawing on a insurance policy from the Second Mile, the organization he founded to assist at-risk children, to help pay for his defense. The insurance company, Federal Insurance Co., however has gone to federal court to contend that it is not obligated to pay defense costs, citing the former coach's alleged "reprehensible acts."

Federal Insurance has already doled out $125,000 to cover Sandusky's legal expenses. That's pending the outcome of the insurance company's lawsuit against Sandusky, but one can't help but wonder if Sandusky intends to try to have them cover that, too.

Photo via AP.
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