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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Jerry Sandusky's Attorney Keeps Right On Lawyerin', Possibly Violates Gag Order

Illustration for article titled Jerry Sanduskys Attorney Keeps Right On Lawyerin, Possibly Violates Gag Order

It's been about 30 hours since the Jerry Sandusky case went to the jury. Because a decision can always come at any moment, lengthy deliberations are often a colossal bore for those involved. And now all that idle time waiting around may have gotten the best of Lawyerin' Joe Amendola, Jerry Sandusky's attorney and our favorite contemporary orator.

Advertisement says Lawyerin' Joe regaled reporters with an "impromptu press conference" inside the courthouse late this afternoon. Judge John Cleland got wind of the bull session, broke it up, and summoned Lawyerin' Joe into a meeting. There's a gag order, you know, and Lawyerin' Joe had been telling the assembled reporters all kinds of shit about the case. To wit:

• "Do you know what the odds are of walking on 52 charges? The likelihood is strong he will be convicted of something."
• "Jerry is an overgrown child. Kids tend to be naive and not really appreciate the seriousness of what they are facing."
• "Acquitted? I will die of a heart attack."
• Amendola said Sandusky comes to court prepared in case has to go to jail.


Don't change, Lawyerin' Joe. Don't ever change.

[; photo via AP]

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