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The Utah Jazz — our official Western Conference adopted team for the NBA Playoffs, and not just because of Deron Williams and Dee Brown — are in some serious trouble after their loss to the Rockets last night. Utah is down 2-0 in the series — as is Orlando after last night, but no one suspected that would turn out any differently — and they're grasping for answers.


Carlos Boozer wasn't the problem last night, what, with his 41 points, and it's not like Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming went off either. The real reason for the loss, says an exasperated Utah Jazz Blog, is Jerry Sloan, who, in their view, tends to enjoy national press that outshines his day-to-day decisions. Singled out among his mistakes? His lack of playing time for Andrei Kirilenko, who we vaguely remember once being a star but now is lucky to score in double-digits. He's got the poor guy so upset that he's crying on the bench.

If only he had some way of letting off some steam.


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