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Speaking just for myself, I am never happier than when I'm at a baseball game watching the Gay Men's Chorus while wearing a floppy hat. But leave it to certain groups to take all of the fun out of my weekends.

The San Diego Padres ended the first half of the season in style on July 8, as they held Gay Pride Night at Petco Park on the same night as their Floppy Hat Giveaway for kids. Of course, Christian groups were thrilled and hilarity ensued.

"The Padres are playing the part of the Pied Piper, leading unsuspecting children into the homosexual lifestyle as normal," Richard Thompson, director of the Ann Arbor-based Christian law center, said.


There were protests outside the stadium by Christian groups, and anti-protests by gay rights groups. Some Petco vendors walked out of the game, played against the Atlanta Braves. (Bill O'Reilly didn't handle it well either.)

A Padres spokesman said that the team welcomes all fans to boost attendance, and that the team hosts more than 5,000 groups for special events each season, everyone from knitters to bowlers.

But that's nothing. When Thompson discovers the giant penis that is being built downtown, his bow tie will never stop spinning.

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