Jets Add Another Poor Bastard To Their Trash Fire Of A QB Competition

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If a quarterback sits behind Aaron Rodgers on a depth chart for three seasons, does he somehow absorb part of his talent? The Jets will find out after signing Graham Harrell, per a Fox Sports 1 report.


Harrell was released by the Packers on Sunday after losing the backup quarterback gig to Vince Young. Now, he'll attempt to earn a spot on the Jets roster.

Normally, a team signing a nondescript quarterback like Harrell wouldn't be worth writing about, but we're talking about the Jets. The quarterback situation is a flaming pile of garbage on top of a mountain of worse, smellier garbage. Mark Sanchez is recovering from an injury to his throwing shoulder, and Geno Smith is looking horrendous. After those two options, the team has Greg McElroy and Matt Simms. Simms will most likely be cut when the roster's downsized to 53, and McElroy seems to just be hanging around, hoping no one notices he still works there.


If we're coming back down to earth, Harrell's probably eating up most of the time for the last preseason game, but what if he shows some flashes of being not awful? It shouldn't be difficult to beat Simms and McElroy for a spot. Smith could catch up in a less stressful rookie season, and Sanchez isn't available, even when he's healthy again. Could a new quarterback who sat behind an excellent quarterback for a few seasons provide temporary relief? At this stage for the Jets, it's apparently worth investigating.

Photo: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images