Jets Beat Writer Says He'll Hitchhike Home If Team Uses All Draft Picks

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Heading into the final day of the NFL Draft, Manish Mehta—shit-stirrer extraordinaire for the New York Daily News—had a strong feeling that the Jets would trade at least one of their league-high nine remaining draft picks. On Twitter, he said he would hitchhike home if the Jets did not trade at least one of those picks. Now the whole Jets beat is hoping that John Idzik uses each and everyone one of his picks (Update: he did!). They even have a HORSE-type chart counting down the picks (now also updated!).


As of right now, the Jets have six picks remaining, three of which are compensatory picks that cannot be traded. So Mehta has three chances left to avoid possibly being picked up by a sociopathic axe-murderer.


Update 6:12 p.m.: The Jets did not trade any of their picks. Safe home, Manish.


h/t @DomCosentino