Jets Owner Woody Johnson Is An Expert On Constitutional Law, In His Mind

Woody Johnson is the Jets owner, a big Mitt Romney fundraiser, and a complete moron.

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This morning, Johnson hosted a Romney fundraiser. He took the occasion to share his thoughts about why John Roberts voted to uphold Obamacare:

Romney was introduced by Woody Johnson, owner of the New York Jets professional football team and a top surrogate for Romney in the business community. In introducing Romney, Johnson said that Chief Justice John Roberts, who sided with the 5-4 majority and wrote the opinion upholding the health-care law, gave Romney supporters a rallying call.

"I think Judge Roberts did this intentionally, he's really revved up our base from what we're able to gather," Johnson said. "He's really revved us up."

A Times reporter and a Huffington Post reporter both tweeted that Johnson said, "Roberts did this intentionally, because he's really revved up..." It's not clear why the Bloomberg quote above is missing the "because."

Either way he put it, it's quite a theory! There are lots of competing explanations for why Roberts made the decision he did. It's a Trojan horse to box Obama in. It's not a Trojan horse to box Obama in. He did it at the last minute. He did it to narrow the commerce clause.

What all of these theories have in common is that they address the interplay of power among the Supreme Court, the president, and Congress. Then there's Woody Johnson, maintaining that Roberts supported the Affordable Care Act because he wanted to mobilize the Republican-voting public for the presidential election. (Because then they'd be mad at—the Supreme Court?)

Woody Johnson is a complete dolt, or else he's a demented would-be propagandist, who thinks his crackpot version of events will inspire his fellow big-money donors to donate even bigger money. Either way, take this as context the next time he explains what's happening with Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, Rex Ryan, PSLs at MetLife Stadium, or anything else about the 2012 Jets. Woody Johnson has checked out of reality.