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Jets vs. Patriots: 1st Quarter

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- Hello... welcome back to another day of hot, nasty, NFL action. The Jets and Colts are a few minutes from kicking off. I don't know if I'm going to watch, though. Sundays are for bowling.

- Big 3rd and 12 here for Tom Brady and the Pats... over the middle, and it's complete. Tom Brady's on fire, and the Jets are being shredded here. It's strange to finally see a competent quarterback here in the playoffs.


- And there goes Corey Dillon... touchdown Patriots, and I appreciate the pretty football here. It's a nice change of pace.

- No such luck for the Jets here. Constant pressure to Pennington, he's sacked once, forced from the pocket on second, and incomplete on third. Advantage, Patriots thus far.

- Jabar Gaffney catches a pass for a first down... and then takes a step backwards, because he doesn't like first downs. If he'd have caught that and took a knee, I think he would've had it. I guess that's why he's Jabar Gaffney.

- Chad Pennington looks a little woozy. Looks like Richard Seymour put his helmet into his forearm there. Fortunately, Pennington isn't fragile or anything.


- And I realize that none of this is making it to the site because... well, I don't know why. Sometimes, it does this, and it angers me. Particularly during NFL Playoff weekends. All I can do is blog my little heart out and hope one day that it makes it to the site. Fuck.

- 4th and 3, and it looks like the Jets are going to go. They have the punter split out wide to the right, and Bill Belichick, according to Phil Simms, "smelled it." That's what separates that guy. His olfactory excellence.


- Corey Dillon just coughed up the football at the Patriots own 14... there's a break for the Jets, and they're going to have to capitalize on things like this.

- They kind of do. They get 3 points out of it, which is nice, I suppose. But it would've been nice if they could have at least threatened for 7.

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