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Jets vs. Patriots: 2nd Quarter

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- 7-3 Patriots here... and I'm enjoying the Jim Mora Coors Light commercial for about the sixth time this weekend. This one's not getting old. Jim Mora is the anti-Mellencamp.

- Pennington completes a short one to Jerricho Cotchery, and Jericho Cotchery... is not going to be caught. A couple of Patriots took bad angles, and 77 yards later, Cotchery is in the endzone. 10-7, Jizzets.


- Jizzets doesn't really work, does it... that sounds a little like a porno title.

- The Jets hold the Patriots in the red zone here. This Gostkowski character is on for the field goal, and he knocks it through. We're tied at 10 with a little over 10 minutes to go in the second quarter.

- The Jets are forced into a punting situation, after what might have been the longest drive in the NFL history that didn't get past the opponents 44 yard line. That ate some clock. 6:42 left in the quarter.

- Kind of a slow-paced quarter here, but at least it's not sloppy, nasty football like yesterday. Jabar Gaffney just got the Patriots down to about the 20 at the 2:00 warning.


- This has been an extremely efficient drive from the Patriots, almost perfect with the timing. Some of that's not on purpose, as the Jets have stuffed them a couple of times at the goal line, but nonetheless, it's a long, patient, touchdown drive that ends with a deadly accurate touchdown pass to Daniel Graham. It's going to be 17-10 Patriots heading into the half.

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