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Jets vs. Patriots: 3rd Quarter

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- The third quarter's just gotten underway. Shawne Merriman was interviewed by satellite at halftime, and he was either wearing a tank top, a unitard, or a pair of suspenders with no shirt. It's an unusual look, and not one that many people can pull off. Shawne Merriman included.

- Tedy Bruschi gets called for a late hit. It seemed a little borderline to me, but... replay gave a pretty good look at Bruschi's face, and he looked guilty as hell. I think the ref made that call based on the guilty look on Bruschi's face.


- Another clock-eating drive here, and the Jets have a 4th-and-short inside the Patriots five. They're going to measure it, and... they're only about 7 feet short. That's ridiculous. But they convert the field goal.

- Gostkowski hits a 40-yard field goal for the Patriots, just squeezing it inside the bar after it was nearly blocked. In fact, I'm not sure how it wasn't blocked. 20-13 Patriots... kind of important for the Jets to get a little something established here. They don't need to score, but... a three-and-out could be the beginning of the end.

- The Jets are indeed putting together a nice little drive here... wait, what the hell just happened? I stopped watching after an incompletion and Vince Wilfork is apparently way smarter than me. Chad Pennington threw the ball backward, and everyone assumed it was incomplete. It was not. The awareness of Vince Wilfork... well done, my man. They're reviewing it, but that's clearly a backwards pass... Vince Wilfork took it down to the 15. Incredible turn of events. Not quite as crazy as anything that happened in the Cowboys game yesterday... but nuts nonetheless.

- They can only get a field goal out of it, though. But it is a 10-point lead now. That's the end of the third. Quite a turn of events there.

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