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- We're about to start the 4th with the Jets down 10. It could still happen for them, but they need to get something going quickly. Come on, Chad, let's make this one close.


- The Jets are down to the 20. 3rd and 8... and Pennington forces one into traffic that gets knocked down. On comes The Nuge, and they cut the lead to 7.

- There's been a very steady, smooth pace to this game. All long drives, just one major screwup, nothing terribly remarkable about it, other than the relatively high quality of the play. A screen to Reche Caldwell gets the Patriots down inside the 30. The Jets seem pretty powerless to do anything about this. Brady's slicing them up.


- Ben Watson drops a quality throw from Tom Brady.. he's got a couple of drops today. Brady's pissed off at him. I don't think this scares Ben Watson.

- And the Patriots catch the Jets in a blitz, beautiful play call... I don't know if it came from the sidelines or Tom Brady changed it at the line, but that was perfect. Kevin Faulk cruises into the endzone, and the Jets are going to be down 14 with 5:16 to play.

- And we're done here. Pennington's picked off by Assante Samuel, he's going to the house, and that'll make it 37-16. The game hasn't been quite that lopsided, but still, a well-earned victory by the Patriots. There's really not much to say about this game that's sarcastic or rude. I've enjoyed it.

- Chad Pennington can continue this charade by himself. We'll be back for the start of the late game, which should be a much bigger clusterfuck.

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