Jim Brown: All-American, Gaylord

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Your Deadcast guest this week is Hall of Famer Jim Brown (listen here). And holy shit, is that man intimidating. Except when talking about rollerskating around Venice Beach.

I didn't wear a diaper while conducting this interview, and that was a mistake. Listen to me bring up the time he was accused of throwing his girlfriend off a balcony in 1968. You can practically hear my bowels releasing as I try and phrase the question. Anyway, here's Jim Brown on a number of topics:

Did he bite a guy's finger off when he stuck it in his facemask? "No, but I did bite the hand that was trying to gouge out my eyes… the eyes are very vulnerable." I agree.


On Donte' Stallworth: "I think that he got off beautifully. I think that he's a very fortunate young man."

On Eric Mangini: "For the first time, we have a coach who will dominate the scene." Especially at local bakeries.


Did the flamethrower he used in The Running Man actually shoot flames? "Yes."

Did he keep it? "My personal desire was not to have a flamethrower."

Does he wish more black people played lacrosse? "No."

Can you ever be too old to wear a kufi? "Yep."

Does he still rollerskate like he did on CHiPs? "No."

On in-line skating: "I think the rollerblading is out now. I think it's going back to traditional skates."

Does he regret naming his childhood gang the Gaylords? "I can laugh at it with you because it's a strange name for young men to choose who are straight." That it is.

How does he respond to criticism about his personal history? "I chose to physically go to jail rather than take an assignment that was undignified to me. And so, when I voluntarily become incarcerated… then I've paid my dues."


Can I have just one rib? "Chris Rock, man."

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Also, Mr. Brown's PR company asked that we plug his appearance at the Sports Legends Challenge event at the Atlantis in the Bahamas on September 14th to 17th, also featuring Joe Namath (kissing booth!), Mike Ditka, Troy Aikman, Dr. J, Jerry West, Reggie Jackson, and more. Visit this site to find out more.

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