Jim Harbaugh Gives Kirby Smart The "I Don't Even Know Your Name, Bro" Treatment

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Who’s in the mood for a fresh college football coaching beef? Shut up, there’s nothing else going on.


Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh, an adult man who still drinks milk, sent this tweet today:


Sounds like fun. A little while later, recently hired Georgia head coach Kirby Smart was asked about Michigan’s planned trip to Florida, and he had this to say about it (via College Football Talk):

They’re obviously trying to gain a competitive advantage, and obviously that’s their right, but I think the NCAA in due time will have to step in and keep it from getting out of hand,” Smart said. “There are a lot of factors that people haven’t thought about with that deal. You’ve got to think about recruiting rules, how they are going to handle those? Is it an advantage or a disadvantage? Are they going to let coaches go to those? Are they going to be open practices? Do we go over there and watch them and scout them? If it’s open practices, why don’t we go? It’s a Pandora’s Box of what they’re going to get into.

Obviously, I don’t want to get into it because I’d like to practice right there in our facility, and I’d also like to have the prospects in state to come to our practices, and us not have to go to them.

Did those comments make Jim Harbaugh angry? Of course they did:


I bet Harbaugh had to spend 40 minutes throwing a baseball at a wall in order to cool down.

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