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In case you didn't hear him the first time, new Stanford football coach Jim Harbaugh insists that it's not just wishful thinking on his part that Pete Carroll is about to begin his final season with USC. Harbaugh said it to CBS Sportsline earlier this week, then repeated it to the Los Angeles Times on Thursday. In case, you know, someone didn't hear him.

"Perhaps the reason it's been up and down here [Stanford] is that no one has stayed here 20 years," Harbaugh told CBS Sportsline. "... Charlie Weis is going to do that at Notre Dame. [Jim] Tressel at Ohio State. Pete's doing it. He's only got one more year, though. He'll be there one more year. That's what I've heard. I heard it inside the staff."


Carroll responded thusly:

"If he's going to make statements like that, he ought to get his information right," Carroll told the Times. "And if he has any questions about it he should call me."

Did anyone see an actual denial in there? Anyway, our initial thought is that Harbaugh should be more worried about getting through one year at Stanford than he is over Carroll's tenure at SC.

Harbaugh Says Carroll Leaving USC After Season [MSNBC]


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