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Jim Harbaugh Just Can’t Let Anything Go

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Jim Harbaugh’s thirst for COMPETITION and WINNING is perhaps only matched by his enthusiasm for good ole milk. The latest, and perhaps silliest, example of Harbaugh’s unceasing intensity came this afternoon at his weekly press conference.

Michigan beat the shit out of Illinois this weekend, 41-8. On the last drive of the game, John O’Korn found Drake Harris for a seven-yard gain on third-and-9. There was about two minutes left in the game, but Harbaugh challenged the spot of the ball. Michigan lost the challenge, but rushed for a first down on the next play anyway. The Wolverines then took a knee on three straight plays, ending the game. That sequence took place in the same quarter than Harbaugh called for a fake punt up 34-0.


They’ve now won their last two games by a combined score of 119-8, and they’ve moved up to #2 in the country in the wake of their bitter rival Ohio State’s incredible loss at Penn State. Things are good in Ann Arbor. But rather than let the tiny slight go uncalled out, Harbaugh made a point of bringing it up unprompted at the press conference and he called it the worst call he’d ever seen, via ESPN.

“I’ve never seen a worse call,” Harbaugh said. “I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a more strange replay. Maybe there has been.” 

He then got into a detailed discussion about the rulebook with reporters. Harbaugh also apparently is too keyed in to take note of the score during the game:

Michigan players say Harbaugh doesn’t pay much attention to the score of a game as much as he’s zeroed in on each play. That’s trickled down to some of them this season.


Stomping out teams for the duration of blowouts and pushing for insane plays like fakes and two-point conversions have been hallmarks of Harbaugh’s time as a coach, and it’s most likely good for his team in close games, even if he comes off like a zealot most of the time.

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