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Jim Harbaugh Never Takes Off His Jim Harbaugh Uniform

This is Jim Harbaugh, giving a pep talk to the Kansas Jayhawks before their game against Texas Tech, decked out in full Jim Harbaugh regalia. He's got the $8 khakis, the hat, and the sweatshirt. The only thing he's missing is the Sharpie necklace.


The next time you're looking for a good way to demonstrate how NFL coaches are such gigantic weirdos, dig up this photo. Jim Harbaugh is not a fireman, his job does not require him to wear a uniform of any kind, and yet here is at an offseason appearance, dressed to the nines in a "uniform" that he has invented for himself. Now we can't help but wonder if he ever wears anything else.

h/t Crimson Blue


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