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On this weekend’s episode of The Simpsons, Michigan coach/zealot Jim Harbaugh was a punchline to a joke about a “sports genius everyone hates.” Naturally, Harbaugh took it and ran, going on an extended tangent about cartoons on his weekly radio show.

247 Sports noted his responses, and he took the shot in stride. As he said, he’s used to people making fun of him, so getting made fun of by The Simpsons (or, in his words, “made sport of”) was a high water mark.

My whole life, they make sport of me. But it’s pretty high class — The Simpsons! I stepped up! It’s one of my favorite shows. I love The Simpsons. The animated shows, The Simpsons and Sponge Bob are two of my all time favorites.


Harbaugh also said that he was tickled by the old crying Darryl Strawberry gag.

He reserved his most effusive praise for SpongeBob SquarePants, who he said was his favorite character on the show. Harbaugh even gave him the highest compliment he’s capable of:

“Sponge Bob!” Harbaugh answered. “I love his attitude. He attacks each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind! I’ve kind of modeled my behavior after him. We all should. What a great employee he is. He’s a go-getter. He’s always got a bounce to his step. He’s got pizzazz. He puts his heart and soul into making those crabby patties. I think he’s awesome.”

I always had Harbaugh pegged as a Sandy Cheeks man myself.

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