Jim Leyland Belts Out "Who's Your Daddy?"

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Former Tigers manager Jim Leyland has a well-known love of singing, and it was a possible career path if that whole baseball thing hadn't worked out for him. A couple great moments of him singing have been captured on tape, like when he sang some of the Stylistics hit "Betcha by Golly, Wow" during a trip to the Motown Museum and when he sang a "God Bless America" duet before a game at Comerica Park with the national anthem singer. Now we get to add another one to the list.

A tipster sent us the above video of Leyland singing Toby Keith's "Who's Your Daddy?" at "a metro Detroit watering hole." The tipster says that Leyland was having drinks with a couple of people, including his daughter, and after getting up to sing her happy birthday he busted out "Who's Your Daddy?" Perhaps a curious song choice considering it's about a sugar daddy, but by golly the man can definitely sing.