You no doubt recall the legal trouble facing Jim Leyritz, the former Yankee who is free on bail pending his DUI manslaughter trial. Leyritz is accused of being involved in an accident while driving drunk, in which a young mother was killed. Well, last week Leyritz asked a judge to remove a Breathalyzer device from his car because it was "bothersome." Leyritz has to keep the device in his car as a condition of his release. But this is a hardship, according to his lawyers. From the New York Post:

"He cannot leave the car with a valet, because it cannot be started by the valet," his lawyers said in a statement. And he "can't eat things like chicken Marsala," said his ex-wife, Karri, because certain foods cause false positives.


No valet parking at fine Italian restaurants? Damn it ... do the courts not have one ounce of human decency? Leyritz: Toss Breathalyzer [New York Post]