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We're big fans of, mainly for its unique ability to be 65 percent challenging and compelling, and 35 percent bat-shit insane. Today is one of those insane days.

In its Black Box column, the site comes up with a proposition so twisted and contorted that it barely seems written beings that are not adolescent aliens. Essentially, if we're reading this correctly, the metaphor has Pinocchio as the NCAA, NCAA president Myles Brand as Geppetto (they don't refer to the puppetmaster by name, probably because they didn't want to try and spell it) and Jiminy Cricket being played by, uh ... the site maybe? Witness:

Jiminy Cricket, known as Pinocchio's consciousness, a character of Color for sure, who in the end makes Pinocchio understand his lying ways, and Pinocchio promises to never again and they all live happily ever after.

So that wherever the NCAA nickname and mascot appears always by his side also in costume will be this dark skinned character Jiminy Cricket as the inseparable companion mascot.

And then some day
many many years from now
just maybe
NCAA's Pinocchio's nose
will stop growing
for good and
Jiminy Cricket
will get all the Credit
he deserves.
And they'll all
play ball happily
ever After.

Anybody got a clue here? Slam poetry, maybe?

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