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Jimmy Butler Is A Bad, Bad Man

We already gushed over Jimmy Butler last week so no need to repeat it, but man is he fun to watch. Here he is throwing down a backdoor cut (down the middle of the court) alley-oop, just minutes after he absolutely stuffed James Harden to the ground on an attempted end-of-quarter buzzer beater.


During the offseason, Butler turned down a reported four year, $44-million contract offer from the Bulls, betting that he could earn an even bigger offer after this season. Given that he is a likely All-Star and making a strong case that he is the best shooting guard in the game—I'll let you fight it out in the comments about whether his sterling defense trumps James Harden's offensive output—some team is sure to offer Butler a max contract.

Second GIF via @_MarcusD_

Correction: I originally wrote Jimmy Butler turned down a 4/$55 million contract offer. It was actually somewhere in the 4/$44 million neighborhood, though we don't know the exact number.