Jimmy Butler Wants His Fine Paid By "Mister Dukie" Mason Plumlee

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Mason Plumlee put a shoulder into Jimmy Butler, and Butler stuck out his legs to trip Plumlee, but it was only Butler who got a technical. Now Butler wants Plumlee to pay his fine, and he knows exactly where to send the invoice.

The foofaraw happened late in the Bulls’ 93-88 win in Portland, when Plumlee bowled over Butler as he tried to set a pick. After a review, Butler got the tech while Plumlee only got a Flagrant 1. After the game, Butler seemed more unhappy about the mandatory fine he’ll face.

“Yeah, he cost me $2,500. I’m going to ask him to pay me back, and I’m not playing. I’m going to ask, nicely. Yeah, I’m going to get that.”

So will it be in letter form?

“I’m going to tell my agent to e-mail or something,” Butler added, before taking one last shot at Plumlee, who attended college at Duke. “I know it’s like MisterDukie@yahoo.com or something.”


(It’s not available, I checked. If you actually have that email address, get in touch. Also, I hate you.)

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