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Jimmy Kimmel Doesn't See What All The Fuss Is About

After his appearance on "Monday Night Football" earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel has been banned from the program. This is supposed to be a punishment?


Kimmel, for his part, seems befuddled by the whole matter.

"Technically, couldn't you say Joe Theismann has also been banned from Monday Night Football?" Kimmel told in a phone interview from Los Angeles. "If he showed up, they probably would not let him in. I was hoping to get banned from a casino first, but I suppose it's satisfying in a way to be banned from any television show. I don't know what I did exactly but apparently it was horrific."

We don't see what the big deal is either; it's not like Kimmel said, "Boy, aren't you guys glad that Theismann guy is gone? What a douche that guy is, right, Tony?" Though we will say that the mental image of Joe Theismann showing up at the MNF booth, and ESPN security not letting him in, is a quite amusing one.

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