Jimmy Kimmel Got Some Doctors To Take An Educated Crap On Anti-Vaxxers

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When Jimmy Kimmel isn't being a quasi-comedian whose life mission is to think up ways of lying to as many people as possible simultaneously in his quest for easily YouTubeable viral sensations that he can then sell ads against so as to turn a larger personal profit, the dude makes sense. The above clip, in which Kimmel and a bunch of actual medical doctors tombstone anti-vaxxers, is one of those times.

I don't want to say any more, because we've said enough, but Kimmel is really good here, and the people who know their shit are even better.


My only fear is that Kimmel, who makes his name on hoaxes, will never be totally trusted from now until he dies, and maybe not even then. But that's the bed he's made. Get your kids vaccinated.