Joakim Noah Got Into A Shouting Match With Wizards' Security

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NBA teams enjoy many advantages when playing on their home court, but the Washington Wizards appear to have one thing going for them that others don't: a head of security who isn't afraid to get into it with visiting players.

The Chicago Sun Times brings us this scene from this morning's shoot around:

Joakim Noah and Wizards security manager Jackie Miles got into a back-and-forth exchange of expletives.

Miles came onto the Verizon Center hardwood and started screaming for Bulls players to exit so the Wizards could start their shootaround. Noah is usually the last Bull off the court in shootarounds, going through his morning routine, and wasn't having any of it.

Noah told Miles, "Get the [bleep] out of here, I'm not done … get the [bleep] out of here.''

Miles started firing back with, "Don't [bleeping] talk to me that way,'' and then again telling Noah to leave the court.


This is a thing that Jackie Miles has done before. He also got into it with a Bulls reporter before a game back in January. It seems like Jackie Miles might want to think about toning it down a bit.

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