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Joakim Noah To LeBron James: "You're A Jerk"


Last night's Cavs-Bulls game was marked by an argument between LeBron James and Joakim Noah, occasioned by King James dancing on the sidelines during Cleveland's 101-87 win. The b-word was apparently thrown, ooh!

Video of the argument, and the dancing that precipitated it, is here and there on the Web:

The moves James was throwing down on the sideline of the Q — which, a LeBron scholar of my acquaintance tells me, can be partially blamed on the bad influence of teammate Danny Green, "known for dancing horribly at UNC" — bear more than a striking resemblance to the recently notorious dance craze known as "jerking." Urban Dictionary notes that it looks pretty much like "what happens when a bboying move, kickstep, goes completely wrong, mutated, dysfunctional, and looks utterly like shit." It even has its own theme song, courtesy of the California duo the New Boyz!

If the PA types at the United Center don't serenade James with this track come March 19, I will have lost maybe a little bit of faith in sporting arenas' musical-cue honchos everywhere.

This is Maura, btw.

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