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Joakim Soria's Nickname Is Blogger Tested, Mexican Approved

Illustration for article titled Joakim Sorias Nickname Is Blogger Tested, Mexican Approved

It's about time the Kansas City Royals got themselves a bona fide All-Star, after branding Ken Harvey and Mark Redman as such. Joakim Soria is the Royals' scintillating closer, saving 25 of 27 games and sporting a 0.72 WHIP. With stats like that, a guy needs a legendary nickname, and he's got it now. Meet "The Mexicutioner."


It's gotten pretty big locally. The T-shirt is selling like pine tar in Kansas City, while even Soria himself has acknowledged and embraced the nickname. And the good news? The Mexicutioner is being attributed to a blogger.

Bob Dutton, Royals beat writer for The Star, says the The Mexicutioner nickname didn't start with him. WHB's Kevin Kietzman, who did launch the T-shirts, also said he can't claim to be the origin of the nickname.

Both agree that the nickname appeared to start on the excellent baseball website, ranyontheroyals.


Good to hear it wasn't shamelessly goinked from the blogohedron. Now if you'll excuse me, I have an important telegram for Magglio Ordoñez.

Whose Idea Was "The Mexicutioner?" [Over The Top/Kansas City Star]

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