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Joe Barry Carroll Refused To Give Up His Seat To A White Lady, Is Now Suing

Everyone can relax: Joe Barry Carroll is back in our lives. The former all-star (which is a generous descriptor for someone who was nicknamed "Joe Barely Cares") is suing an Atlanta bar for racial discrimination for asking them to give up their seats five years ago. The bar maintains that we live in a nation where we are judged not by the color of our skin, but by the size of our breasts.

The restaurant's side of the story: Carroll and his lawyer friend sat at a crowded bar, but were asked to give up their seats to a pair of women who were standing. Carroll pulled the "don't you know who I am," and was told that it is a longstanding tradition in the bar to give up your seats to a lady. Words were exchanged, the men were kicked out by security, and, boom, lawsuit.


Carroll's side: the Tavern at Phipps has an unwritten policy of keeping the black presence in the bar to a minimum. Carroll's lawyer said the bar's owner told management that "if we have blacks in the bar, then black thugs are sure to follow."

There is another point of contention worth highlighting. Carroll's lawyer says the bar wanted to cater to "well endowed women." The bar's owner admits "we want all women." Perhaps a federal civil-rights lawsuit can determine whether Ladies' Nights are meant for every female, or just the boobsy ones.

Racial bias trial bought by ex-NBAer and attorney starts for Tavern at Phipps [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]


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