Joe "Balls Deep" Buck is one of the most highly respected and high-profile sports announcers working today and, according to one plucky Midwesterner we all know, is also a true gentlemen when introduced to raisin-filled sports bloggers. Buck's voice is always a welcome addition, especially to baseball games, which seem a little more meaningful whenever he calls them. Plus, he gracefully overcompensates for the painful meanderings of Tim McCarver, who sometimes calls games like he's been huffing Pine-Sol. And there has yet to be a baseball game where a player has irked him while pantomiming a moon toward hostile fans.


But it appears Mr. Buck is also a little burnt out by everything. In an interview with Colin Cowherd this morning, Buck says watches "barely any" sports and says that when he announces baseball games "it's just not as special and unique as it used to be...that's just the way it is."

MLB must be thrilled to have such an enthusiastic guy in the booth during their nationally televised games.

Joe Buck Admits He Rarely Watches Sports And Doesn't Enjoy Baseball Anymore [Awful Announcing]