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Joe Buck Pefers To Call It Multitasking

What they're saying around the blogs about the weekend's NFC playoff games ...

Donovan McNabb Starring In Mr. Telephone Man. First I have to give credit to Troy Aikman for the line of the year so far: "Sometimes I don't know what is running through that guy's head." Secondly if you saw the broadcast you know Joe Buck made about 78 excuses for McNabb's actions before realizing that it was classless. This is the same Joe Buck who went ballistic on Randy Moss for a fake mooning and is critical of Terrell Owens for sneezing incorrectly, but when it is one of his "guys" then it was the "pressure". He is lucky this is a PG site or I would have some stronger language about what I think about that. [Black Sports Online]


Answer The Call Or Get Out. The NFL playoffs is a dangerous world where everything is on the line and careers are made or broken. Fans are left to wonder, "when the tough decisions have to be made, will my team captain step up and answer the call?" [FanDome]

That Was Painful. This is one of those times when you are reminded that loving a sports team can be a steaming pile of baby diapers just like all other aspects of life. It was nice to watch the GMen when they were a red giant with an 11-1 record, mowing down six teams with a winning record in a row. It's not as nice to watch them dwindle into a white dwarf in a game against a team who benched their starting QB during the season and had to hit a hot streak and got fairly lucky just to sneak into the playoffs. [Fack Youk]

This Year's NFC Championship Vs. 2007 NLCS. But because Arizona and Kurt Warner also won on Saturday, I was saddened that next week we would be left with quite possibly the worst conference championship matchup ever. The Cardinals and Eagles are shitty and mediocre on every level — both historically and this season. Neither has ever won a Super Bowl. Both only won 9 regular season games — fourteen other NFL teams won as many or more. (And the 8-8 last place Redskins were 3-0 against them this year.) [Bugs and Cranks]

Your Tears Are The Sweetest Of Nectars. The Giants, oh, sweet, sweet, Giants. They have provided me with so much delicious pain. So irrational. So illogical. So, so beautiful. Join me, won't you, as we traipse through the mental and emotional collapse of a fanbase. (All misspellings, curious grammatical innovations and general stupidity original.) [Five Tool Tool]


Arm Punt Formations: The Del Homie. Episode 9 of Arm Punt Formations starring the "Gunslinger" with Guest Star "The Del Homie". [Simon On Sports]


Why The Panthers Sucked Last Night. I think it's about time we start finding a replacement for Jake Delhomme. I know he is the emotional leader of this offense. Wears his heart on his shoulder and all of that. But that wasn't a leader I saw last night, I saw was a disaster. Use this moment as an opportunity to take him out and put in someone just as good. [Cat Scratch Reader]

Eagles Beat Giants 23-11, Advance To NFC Title Game. The can be no doubt about the two defining moments of this game for me. Two times in the 4th quarter the Giants had 4th down and less than one and both times the Eagles defense didn't give up an inch. Those are the kinds of defensive stands that legends are made of. For my money, they belong with "4th and 26" as some of the great moments in Eagles playoff history. 4th & 1 x 2? [Bleeding Green Nation]


That Sick Feeling Just Got A Lot Worse. Our team was busy saying, “Go ahead, Cardinals, it’s yours. Here’s an interception. Oh, and here’s a fumble. Wait! Here’s another.” If they don’t do that and actually show up in that game, the line is around the block for tickets to the NFC Championship Game in Charlotte on Monday. Seriously, keep the bathroom clear. I’m going to be sick. [Cat Crave]

Sunday (Very) Quickie: Cardinals! Meanwhile, coaches HAVE to be able to challenge whether the play clock ran out before an opposing team got their play off — I love that rookie Joe Flacco won his 2nd straight playoff road game, but it is completely ridiculous that a missed call was the difference. [Dan Shanoff]


Surreal. Tickets for the biggest game in Cards’ history sold out in six minutes. There will be some Eagles fans there, I’m sure, but after watching the Wild Card game, I can barely imagine what the atmosphere will be like Sunday. A possible Super Bowl for the Cardinals? Seriously, can you even put that concept into words right now? [Gila River]

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