Joe Girardi's Father Died, And The New York Post Seriously Fucked Up Their Headline

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Today the Yankees announced that manager Joe Girardi's father passed away. Jerry Girardi had been suffering from Alzheimer's disease for years, and this New Yorker article describes how Joe would make the six-hour drive to the nursing home in Illinois every time the Yankees traveled to Chicago.

The elder Girardi actually passed away on Saturday, and it just wasn't announced until today. (Girardi hoped to keep the story quiet, but an obituary was published in today's Peoria Journal Star.) Before the timing was known, everyone was wondering whether Joe would be in the dugout for tonight's Game 4. He will be managing, the Yankees said, and the Post wanted to make that clear. In their haste to get the story up, they made it anything but clear.


It's fixed now, thanks to a semicolon and a second subject. And just before we could print it out and mail it to Leno.

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